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I am trying to build by using aapt from the command line. I am specifying multiple -S directories because I have multiple res directories. I am building by using:

aapt package \
  -M AndroidManifest.xml \
  -m -J gen \
  -S src/com/example/res \
  -S src/com/example/ui/res

Unfortunately, I am getting the following error:

src/com/example/ui/res/values/strings.xml:2: error: Resource at app1_name appears in overlay but not in the base package; use <add-resource> to add.

Currently, src/com/example/ui/res/values/strings.xml contains the following:

    <string name="app1_name">MyAppName</string>

I would prefer not to have to change this to:

    <add-resource type="string" name="app1_name">MyAppName</add-resource>

(This was suggested on!topic/android-porting/bYfeLEjERjg, though it does not even seem to solve my problem.)

Am I misguided in my expectation of how the -S argument should work?

The only workaround I can think of is to symlink all of my -S directories as subdirectories of the root res directory and to specify res as the only -S directory.

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I believe the solution is to use the --auto-add-overlay flag. I discovered this by running the default Ant build script with -v for verbose mode.

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