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I am trying to simulate keyboard input by programmatically generating KeyEvent objects and pumping them to the event queue. This works fine except that when characters are being entered into a JTextField, for example, the cursor (caret?) does not move to always be at the end of the entered value. For example, if we denote the caret as the pipe | then this is what I get:

An 'A' keypress is simulated by sending a KEY_PRESSED, KEY_TYPED, KEY_RELEASED event, and the JTextField value is:


that is, the cursor/caret is back at the beginning of the field after the A is entered.

How do I get the cursor/caret to automatically move as it would when actual physical keys are pressed?

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maybe you can try xte (xautomation). –  Sarim Jul 19 '12 at 21:31

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Have you tried using the Robot Class in the JDK?


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+1. I've used this solution for just this problem –  MadProgrammer Jul 20 '12 at 2:14

After you issue each command, call a method that uses setCaretPosition() to the end of the text in the JTextField. This will be much easier if you use a J*Pane so you can call getDocument() and you will have much more control.

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