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How can I drop into pdb inside a funcargs function? And how can I see output from print statements in funcargs functions?

My original question included the following, but it turns out I was simply instrumenting the wrong funcarg. Sigh.

I tried:

print "hi from inside funcargs"

invoking with and without -s.

I tried:

import pytest


import pdb


raise "hi from inside funcargs"

None produced any output or caused a test failure.

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first thing that comes to mind is py.test -s

but by default funcargs give you tracebacks and output/error - what plugins are you using? something is clearly hiding it

for example for the program

def pytest_funcarg__foo(request):
    print 'hi'
    raise IOError

def test_fun(foo):

a py.test call gives me both - a traceback in the funcarg function and text

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To debug a funcarg:

def pytest_funcarg__myfuncarg(request):
    import pytest

def test_function(myfuncarg):


python -m pytest test_function.py

As Ronny answered, to see output from a funcarg, pytest -s works.

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