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Does anyone know how to convert a GAE Images API Image object into a "file like object"?

I'm trying to upload an image that I've transformed from the GAE Images API to Facebook. I'm using the execute_transforms function, which returns a "Image Representation" of the image. I've tried to upload it using the following code, but I get a FB API Error "No Uploaded Image"

img = images.Image(ORIGINAL_IMAGE)
img.crop(0.0, 5.0/img.height, 713.0/img.width, 644.0/img.height)
output = img.execute_transforms(output_encoding=images.PNG)
graph = fb.GraphAPI(access_token)
graph.put_photo(output, 'Look at this cool photo!')

I think the issue is that output is not a "file like object" which is what put_photo requires, but the GAE docs doesn't have a function for casting into a "file like object". Tried creating temp files and writing to them, but GAE doesn't allow writing to filesystem. I've also tried to write to a StringIO object, but that didn't work.


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Use StringIO

enter code here

import StringIO

graph.put_photo(StringIO.StringIO(output), 'Look at this cool photo!')

Have a read of the docs at http://docs.python.org/library/stringio.html

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