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I have recently been reading Adam Nathan's excellent WPF 4 Unleashed book. However, my goal is to be able to develop WinRT applications ( using C# ) and I have already noticed some differences between WinRT ( WPF 4.5? ) and WPF 4 which is discussed in the book, such as WinRT doesn't have a DockPanel or Label controls and there is a some code in App.xaml.cs that basic WPF4 applications doesn't have.

So, I am just wondering if there are some other major differences between WinRT and normal WPF4 applications and if I should find a tutorial or a book which is about WinRT specifically ( by the way, feel free to suggest one ).

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WinRT certainly is not WPF 4.5. They both use XAML, but the libraries themselves are different. – svick Jul 20 '12 at 0:17

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If you've never done WPF or Silverlight development and plan to use XAML to build WinRT UIs, then I would think the background would be helpful. However, it won't be very helpful for building HTML/CSS-based WinRT UIs. And as you pointed out, it isn't the same, just kinda similar.

If you have no intention of building WPF apps though, you're probably better off just going directly to a good WinRT tutorial (though I can't recommend one), unless you have some other reason (such as lack of access to a Win8/VS2012 machine to play with).

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I have some experience with WPF, but the first time I "learned" it I didn't quite understand anything but basics, for example data binding is still pretty vague to me not to talk about animations, styles etc. I dont really have any intention of making non-Metro apps for anything else than personal testing, so maybe I should find some good WinRT tutorial then.. – Jaakko Lipsanen Jul 19 '12 at 23:55
I usually recommend Nathan's book to anyone learning any XAML. I have not looked at many Silverlight books and don't think there are many WinRT XAML books out there, but WPF Unleashed walks you through all the details of how things work in WPF's XAML. While some things will not apply to Silverlight or Metro - I wouldn't be surprised if this was still the most detailed one when applied to these other platforms. – Filip Skakun Jul 20 '12 at 9:25

It is a good place to start, as the XAML is quite similar. In addition to reading and learning about WPF (assuming you can't find a good WinRT book/resource), I would highly recommend learning the MVVM pattern as it relates to WPF/XAML. If you haven't done MVVM style applications, you will be fighting the framework. WinRT makes it even more difficult if you're not using MVVM.


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