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This code here groups a Users friends by highschool name.

<% @user.friends.group_by(&:highschool_name).map do |hsname, friends| %>
<% next if hsname.blank? %>
<div class="contentbox">
    <div class="box-header">
        <h3><%= hsname %></h3>
    <ul class="friends-list">
        <% do |friend| %>
           <li><%= image_tag(friend.image) %>
        <% end %> 
<% end %>

But it groups with out any order, I would like to order by highste value. Showing the highest group first and down. Any ideas?

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group_by gives you a hash in return. You can sort on count of values before iterating:

groups = @user.friends.group_by(&:highschool_name)
sorted_groups = groups.sort_by{|key, values| values.count}.reverse
sorted_groups.each do |hsname, friends|
  # do your thing here
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great! It does sort but it dosent show the highest group first. – SHUMAcupcake Jul 20 '12 at 15:49
I put reverse method in the end and it fix it.. – SHUMAcupcake Jul 20 '12 at 15:55

Did you try?"highschool_name DESC")
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