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I have the following models:

class User
 has_one :player
 belongs_to :city

class Player
 belongs_to :user

class City
 has_many :users

Each City has a latitude and longitude attributes.

I have the following query (it's a little bit longer, but what matters is the city part) that I use to get players which associated users are from a particular city. As this:

def self.search(city)
  self.includes(:user => :city).
  where(['cities.name = ?', city])

How would I change this query to get professors which users associated cities are near by (10 kilometers for example) the given city?

EDIT: I have this method in the City model which gives me the closest city given a particular radius (in km), latitude and longitude:

  def near_by(latitude,longitude,radius)
                6371 *
                acos(cos(radians(#{latitude})) *
                cos(radians(cities.latitude)) *
                cos(radians(cities.longitude) - radians(#{longitude})) +
                AS km_away").group('km_away ASC').having('km_away <= ?', radius)

EDIT2: Here is what I have so far in order to combine both queries:

# Pass a city object to the search instead of a city name, so we can use lat and long

def self.search(city)
  self.includes(:user => :city).
  where(['cities.id IN (?)', City.near_by(city.latitude,city.longitude)])

But is this a good approach? If so, how can I get the professors ordered by proximity to the passed city???

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For working with geographic data, I recommend you check out the Geocoder gem as described in this railscast.

From the readme: With geocoded objects you can do things like this:

obj.nearbys(30)                      # other objects within 30 miles
obj.distance_from([40.714,-100.234]) # distance from arbitrary point to object
obj.bearing_to("Paris, France")      # direction from object to arbitrary point
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I think this is more like a comment than an answer...But thanks anyways. – Hommer Smith Jul 20 '12 at 11:01

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