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I want to cluster some data points but the maximum number of points per cluster is limited. So there is a maximum size per cluster. Is there any clustering algorithm for that? Also Can I define my own size function. For example, instead of considering the number of points in a cluster as its size, I want to sum a column of all the points in the cluster.

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This is a paper I found: users.cs.fiu.edu/~taoli/pub/clustering-size-constraint.pdf –  Masood_mj Jul 20 '12 at 16:53

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A quick and not a optimal solution is spliting data into 2 parts iteratively until the number of data is under the limitation.

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As clustering will usually try to make the clusters as large as possible, this isn't really clustering then anymore. More like a minimum spanning tree, where you remove the longest edges to find groups.

You could try something like x-means, i.e. a k-means variation where you split clusters that you consider to be too large.

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