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I've been stuck here for quite a while but can't find anything helpful. I'm trying to connect to a website and get a response json file in Python3. The code looks like below:

conn = http.client.HTTPConnection('host.address')
params = "xx"+ xx + "xx" + ...
conn.request('GET', '/a/b/c', params)
resp = conn.getresponse()

This actually won't return the json file but the webpage http://host.address/a/b/c, which is an error page. However, while using the following code:

params = "xx"+ xx + "xx" + ...
resp = urllib.request.urlopen("http://host.address/a/b/c?"+params)

It returns correctly the json file. Any idea what's wrong with the code?


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In HTTP, only POST requests are supposed to have a body. The third parameter to request() is actually the body (see - just build the URL as shown in the second example.

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