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I have written a small script with which I take the name of a File.

echo "objectname"
read ON

Can't get simpler.

I do some processing with the file I get.

gpg -c --no-use-agent "$ON"

For example if I have a file a.exe --> It will encrypt it and give me a file with a different md5 and an extension. Now, the file looks this way a.exe.gpg

Now, if I give it a bind the name of the file directly.

like this for example: Taken from : this link

# This works
md5sum=$(md5sum ${fileName})
echo $md5sum

it returns it properly.

What if I want to do it dynamically.

This is what I tried:

#does not work
gpg -c --no-use-agent "$ON"
fileName= `$ON.gpg`
md5sum= $(md5sum ${fileName}) 
echo $md5sum

I get this bug here: 1: Fire.exe.gpg: not found and the program does not exit.

May I ask where exactly is the mistake I am doing?

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The error is here:

fileName= `$ON.gpg`
  1. There should be no space after =. (Also look at the next line.)
  2. You used back-quotes, which execute $ON.gpg rather than simply evaluating it. Back-quotes are the same as $(...) but less elegant. Use double-quotes for this.

Read Greg's wiki entry on quotes for an ultra-detailed explanation with opinionated commentary. :-)

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Thanks a lot for that link! – user1524529 Jul 20 '12 at 0:56
My pleasure. The whole wiki is fascinating and extremely educational. It's maintained by a fellow who frequents the #bash channel on FreeNode. If you go there, prepare to be insulted and educated. :-) – ghoti Jul 20 '12 at 1:00

Be careful when making assignments in shell script. Don't use spaces in any sides of the operator=. Try the following:

md5sum=$(md5sum ${fileName}) 

Note that the variable and the assignment operator= are together with no space.

Also, when you use backticks as `expression`, it will be executed by shell like using $(expression), as pointed by user ghoti.

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You goofed on fixing the filename.

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I am sorry but I have a different error now: 48: 96b2edbf09638837d4c2feadb3d3bb3e: not found – user1524529 Jul 20 '12 at 0:51
I found my mistake now :). Spacing error! – user1524529 Jul 20 '12 at 0:55

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