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How can I disable the day on a datepicker dialog for android? Meant only the month and year is visible. Currently using android 2.2

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possible duplicate of Custom date picker with months and years – Idolon Jul 20 '12 at 10:45
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You can use a custom DatePicker in that case, for exemple refer to this google project that present an alternative time and date picker for android

enter image description here

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Sorry but prior to I think 4.0 you cant do this, you only have the option for a full date or full time picker.

You could create your own, but this might take a while, have a look at what others have done.. Heres an example of a full date picker, but you could just take the day out of this as it is xml.

Custom date picker with months and years

Also I think it is a possible duplicate as Custom date picker with months and years

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You can do custom date picker using ready to use framework for this.

The Dateslider is a framework for a range of date picker widgets based on the principle of sliding bars. This results in a very intuitive and enhanced user experience.

Check it out it may produce something like enter image description here to meet your needs.


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