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<Slider x:Name="sliderBright" HorizontalAlignment="Left" Height="48" Margin="132,632,0,0" VerticalAlignment="Top" Width="1052" Background="#FF727272" FontSize="36" BorderBrush="#FF090505" ValueChanged="SliderValue_Changed" StepFrequency="1" TickPlacement="Inline" TickFrequency="1"/>

Hello Guys! I'm currently working on an application which allows user to adjust the brightness of the application, its a torchlight app. Anyway my slider isnt responding to the drag , i have to tap at specific location of the bar for it to proceed to the location. When dragged, it will only move 1 value(its a bar with 100 value)

I tested in a few days back and its working but after awhile of playing around , it just becomes un-drag-able anyway whats wrong with my code, i didnt do any modification to the slider :O


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The code in your question works pretty well. What is your event handler code? I suggest you temporarily remove the handler and see if it works.

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