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I use Google E-Commerce Tracking to track sales and offer different payment methods.

For credit card payment and Paypal the user is redirected to a thankyou page after successful payment and the Google E-Commerce Tracking code is executed there. That works fine.

I also offer barcode bills and ibon as payment method. That means the user prints a bill with a barcode or ibon code and goes to a 7-11 to pay it with cash. The information about the payment is sent from 7-11 to my payment provider and they send me a notification about a successful payment back to my notification url. It normally takes 2 days until I receive this notification.

My problem is:

In this case there is no website displayed to the user where I can enter the E-Commerce Tracking code. The notification url is a page with php only and updates the database.

So, how do I execute the Google E-Commerce Javascript on a php page which is not displayed in the browser?

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anybody got an idea? –  Rolf Jul 25 '12 at 11:22
Check out Server-Side Google Analytics PHP Client Interesting use case :) Comment back on how it goes. –  TomFuertes Oct 2 '12 at 15:01

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