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I am on a Macbook Pro and I created a new Rails 3.2 app, but the assets pipeline does not work. Here is what I did:

$ rails version
  Rails 3.2.5
$ rails new test_assets
$ cd test_assets
$ rails server

The server is started OK, but if I visit, it turns out the manifest file is not processed at all, it shows:

//... some comments ...
//= require jquery
//= require jquery_ujs
//= require_tree .

I tried to do the exactly the same steps on my other Macbook Pro. It works well. Visiting on that machine shows a compiled javascript file with all the contents.

I have read http://railscasts.com/episodes/279-understanding-the-asset-pipeline and http://guides.rubyonrails.org/asset_pipeline.html, and I searched for hours on the web but with no clue.

Your help is really appreciated!

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did you find a solution? – Trip Apr 4 '13 at 12:09
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I had the same issue!

Downgrading Ruby from 2.0.0 to 1.9.3 fixed the issue

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This also worked for me. Something is seriously wrong with the framework when all we have to go on with debugging is a single semi-colon. – trope Sep 12 '13 at 6:21
Sorry for accepting late. I could not remember the details, but it was a ruby version issue at that time. – ybian Sep 24 '14 at 13:39

Suggestions: install node.js or uncomment gem 'therubyracer', :platforms => :ruby in your Gemfile

I followed the same steps and my log file looks like this... What does yours look like if you start the server and request /assets/application.js? As you can see, I'm on 3.2.6, and it compiled my application.js

=> Booting WEBrick
=> Rails 3.2.6 application starting in development on
=> Call with -d to detach
=> Ctrl-C to shutdown server
[2012-07-19 22:50:02] INFO  WEBrick 1.3.1
[2012-07-19 22:50:02] INFO  ruby 1.9.3 (2012-02-16) [x86_64-darwin11.3.0]
[2012-07-19 22:50:02] INFO  WEBrick::HTTPServer#start: pid=21393 port=3000

Started GET "/assets/rails.png" for at 2012-07-19 22:50:13 -0500
Connecting to database specified by database.yml
Served asset /rails.png - 200 OK (9ms)

Started GET "/assets/application.js" for at 2012-07-19 22:50:23 -0500
Compiled jquery.js  (2ms)  (pid 21393)
Compiled jquery_ujs.js  (0ms)  (pid 21393)
Compiled application.js  (26ms)  (pid 21393)
Served asset /application.js - 200 OK (74ms)
[2012-07-19 22:50:24] WARN  Could not determine content-length of response body. Set content-length of the response or set Response#chunked = true
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Woah, I learnt something new today. Thanks Jesse! – Benjamin Tan Jul 20 '12 at 4:15
Started GET "/assets/application.js" for at 2012-07-20 12:42:00 +0800 Connecting to database specified by database.yml Compiled application.js (0ms) (pid 26678) Served asset /application.js - 200 OK (20ms) – ybian Jul 20 '12 at 4:44
Above is my console message (sorry I did not know how to format it in a comment). And, neither installing node.js nor uncomment therubyracer helps. – ybian Jul 20 '12 at 5:00

Faced exactly the same case.

I've found that I use ruby like v2.0.0rc or something like that, and all works perfect if I downgrade it to 1.9.3p194 (both are under the Rbenv).

Though you can use helper in a view, like <%= javascript_include_tag "jquery", "jquery_ujs" %>, it also helped me even with ruby2.0.0.

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On development the assets are not precompiled. If you want to see them, you should run bundle exec rake assets:precompile.

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I think you meant rake assets:precompile. No, that does not work. I think it only applies to production environment. Note that the exactly same steps work on my another machine. – ybian Jul 20 '12 at 2:43
Nope I meant the one with bundle. You can run that in development too. Anyway, have you checked under your_app/public/assets ? – Benjamin Tan Jul 20 '12 at 2:47
It says Could not find task "rake". But I can run it with bundle exec rake assets:precompile. With no luck either. There are some files generated under public/assets after this command, like application-xxx.js and application.js, but this does not solve the problem. By the way, on my other machine, it works, but without a folder named public/assets. – ybian Jul 20 '12 at 5:05

I have run into the same issue today and I was ready to downgrade Ruby to 1.9.3 from 2.0 to solve the issue of application.js not compiling. The issue happened on the production server, which has Ruby 2.0 installed (and Rails 3.2.8). On the development machine(Ruby 1.9.3 and Rails 3.2.8) application.js compiled just fine.

At last resort, I upgraded the production server from Rails 3.2.8 to 3.2.14; remove Gemfile.lock, and ran bundle install. Then I recompiled the assets, and voila application.js compiled the assets.

I thought of sharing this with Stackoverflow audience, maybe this will solve someone else's issues.

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open enviornment/development.rb and set config.assets.debug = false . That's it

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Doing this I go from <script src="/assets/application.js?body=1" type="text/javascript"></script> to <script src="/assets/application.js" type="text/javascript"></script> It doesn't help me at all since no matter what the application.js file is still not processed. – Micka Jun 5 '13 at 11:52
Didn't solve the ';' problem. – trope Sep 12 '13 at 5:36

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