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I have set up a backend server to respond to the HTML request sending by my android app. I should have corrected all the bugs in my app however, the server still does not give response to the request, I think probably it is because the request cannot be received by the server. Here is the situation, the backend server is placed in a virtual machine, my mobile device and the virtual machine are connecting to the same Wifi network. As the app seems cannot connect to the server, so I have done an simple experiment in another desktop, to access a simple webpage build in that server, but not success.

Here is part of my android app about sending the request

private class GrabURL extends AsyncTask<String, Void, Void>{ 

ArrayList<NameValuePair> nameValuePairs; 

//private ProgressDialog Dialog; 

public GrabURL() {  
    nameValuePairs = new ArrayList<NameValuePair>();  
    //Dialog = new ProgressDialog(Reader.this);  

protected void onPreExecute(String key, String value) { 
    //Dialog.setMessage("Sending value.."); 
    nameValuePairs.add(new BasicNameValuePair(key,value)); 

protected Void doInBackground(String... urls) { 
    // TODO Auto-generated method stub 
        HttpClient client = new DefaultHttpClient(); 
        HttpPost post = new HttpPost(urls[0]); 
        UrlEncodedFormEntity ent = new UrlEncodedFormEntity(nameValuePairs,HTTP.UTF_8); 
     } catch (Exception e) { 
    return null; 

protected void onPostExecute(Void unused) { 
    Toast.makeText(getApplicationContext(), "Value updated", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show(); 

And below is my php program to response to request:

$file = "C:/wamp/www/myapp/file.txt";
$data = "AID:".$_POST['AID']." BID:".$_POST['BID'];
file_put_contents($file, $data);
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if you cant access the webpage from a desktop then it should be a problem with your server/vm config. Check if the server is running, port etc. –  Josnidhin Jul 20 '12 at 2:00
As I know, the default port to serve the request should be port 80, and I am quite sure my wamp server is using the port 80. And I would like to ask are you talking about the config file of the wamp server? –  Conrad Jul 20 '12 at 2:06
Should definately be something with your server configs if you can't access it on either the phone or machine.. –  Hasslarn Jul 20 '12 at 2:11
may I ask is this command matter # <FilesMatch "^\.ht"> Order allow,deny Deny from all Satisfy All </FilesMatch> –  Conrad Jul 20 '12 at 2:14
I think the problem is in the setting of httpd.conf file, however I dont have idea how should I change it –  Conrad Jul 20 '12 at 2:17

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