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I am creating a macro with Excel VBA that will submit an entry into an online database using information from an Excel spreadsheet. During this entry process, the macro needs to click on a CSS button. It isn't a form button, does not have an input type, no name, no id, and no source image except for a background image. I think my only hopes are either to click on the button based on the div class. Can anyone help? The button is here :

<div class="v-captiontext">
    By Ankit
<td class="v-tabsheet-tabitemcell v-tabsheet-tabitemcell-selected" style="">
    <div class="v-         tabsheet-tabitem v-tabsheet-tabitem-selected">
        <div class="v-caption" style="width: 39px;">
            <div class="v-captiontext">
                By LOT</div>
            <div class="v-caption-clearelem">
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I can't see any button in your HTML. Do you mean you are trying to click on one of the DIVs? –  JMax Jul 20 '12 at 7:43
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Thanks to Remou's answer on this thread: Use VBA code to click on a button on webpage

Here is a first stab in your issue, you could try this:

Set tags = wb.Document.GetElementsByTagname("div")

For Each tagx In tags
    If tagx.class = "v-caption-clearelem" Then
    End If

Yet, I've never tried to use the Click method on a div.

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