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I want to authorise a team dedicatedly for password reset/printer queue delete kind of L1 tasks. I have planned to do so via 1 menu using Perl script. And I want it to be front end at HTML. I don't want user to login in server's black screen. They just login into web portal-> see the menu-> select an item-> do the task->exit.

Now, I am thinking what framework I can use to achieve this. How user password would be transferred securely from web portal to my server? How are you going to encrypt/secure the web communication? How are you going to encrypt/secure passwords? Even if you use one of the built-in methods for encrypting the passwords at authentication time, how will you secure passwords in user input for something like a password reset function?

I really need your valuable suggestions on this.

thanks, Prashant

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Your questions are more so general web development than Perl specific. Here you go, list of Web frameworks written in Perl: – Hameed Jul 20 '12 at 2:28
Well, you can say it is web based system administration interface. – Prashant Tiwari Jul 20 '12 at 3:21

See this cool framework Mojolicious, it's really up to date, plus author update it frequently.

Official mojolicious site

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