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Imagine in rails I have @template that is an instance of ActionTemplate::View.

Question is: How can I convert @template whose @template.source is <%= "hello from erb" %> to hello from erb?? thanks

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Maybe render @template, never seen an instance of template used in any practical sense though –  DVG Jul 20 '12 at 3:31

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Try this...



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Well... messing around with ActionView::Template.new outside of Rails is not really recommended. You need a ton of stuff setup beforehand (init and render)

If you do want to just use ERB, then go with this example

require 'erb'

x = 42
template = ERB.new <<-EOF
  The value of x is: <%= x %>
puts template.result(binding)

And, you can use Kyle's answer to go from your template to ERB.

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