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In the past I've used a PHP script to change the language of all fields, but I can't find anything for switching all UNSIGNED MEDIUMINT to UNSIGNED INT. Is this possible? Should I manually switch them all? :o

Turns out mediumint is too small... so I have to change a lot of fields /:

edit: thanks for the input, I might just do it manually now that I know there's no simple automated way of doing it. I just didn't want to waste my time changing 100+ fields manually if there was an automated way.

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MySQL does not have an automated way to say "take all of the columns of type X and change them to type Y." You may be able to query the information_schema database to figure out which columns you need to alter, and then you can build the ALTER TABLE query based on that information.

Specifically, have a look at the information_schema.columns table.

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Using this plus PHP logic, I should be able to write a script to change all fields of type x to type y, right? I think it might be a little quicker to do it manually though, haha. – Stephen Bugs Kamenar Jul 20 '12 at 4:21
Yes, you could definitely do this. The reason that I didn't provide some sample code is because it will probably take at least 10-15 minutes of research, and... yeah... it will probably take you less to look at the schema and write a set of ALTER TABLE queries by hand. :) Laziness is the chief virtue of programmers, but there comes a point when it's harder to tell the computer how to do the work than it is to do it yourself. – cdhowie Jul 20 '12 at 4:22

Has to be done in SQL, so if it makes sense in your case to write a script to do it, go for it, but most likely you will want to do it manually.

Since you are going from a data type that is less descriptive to a data type that is more descriptive, you should be fine.

Usint the ALTER TABLE Syntax should work:

ALTER TABLE table_name MODIFY column_name INT UNSIGNED
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