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I added custom button on my view.html.php file of VIEW of my component as :

JToolBarHelper::custom('addtrack', 'addtrack.png', 'addtrack_f2.png','Add Track', false);
JToolBarHelper::custom('edittrack', 'edittrack.png', 'edittrack_f2.png','Edit Track', false);

JToolBarHelper::custom('updatetrack', 'updatetrack.png', 'updatetrack_f2.png','Save Track', false);

but i dont know from where i can use this buttons, i mean i want to open my respective pages which i created under the same view.


or i can do some part of work using this button.

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The buttons will execute a task so you have to implement it in your controller.

so in /controllers/{view_name}.php you need to add functions that match your custom names given in the buttons.


class YourcomponentControllerYourview extends JController {

    public function addtrack() {

        //Put code you want to execute here 
        //You could forexample require_once(JPATH_COMPONENT_SITE.'/views/yourview/track_addtrack.php');

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Thanks... actually i was adding the function on com_name/controllers.php thanks alot... –  Praveen Jul 20 '12 at 14:56

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