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I'm using CPLEX in C++ to solve a hub location problem, a MIP, and I've recently found a very precise set of inputs that CPLEX thinks is infeasible (i.e. CPXMIP_INFEASIBLE) even though the problem is certainly feasible. The problem appears to diverge in CPLEX during MIP Presolve; normally at that point the problem is reduced to a null problem, but not in the infeasible input set.

I've found that making almost any slight adjustment in the input data can toggle CPLEX's ability to find a solution. For instance, changing 250.242566 to 250.242567, or even just rounding each input value to the nearest integer, will give me a perfectly valid solution.

Softening the two slack constraints I have will also allow a solution, but these constraints should not be broken given the input data. The value of these constraint variables after a solution is approximately 0 but slightly negative, e.g. -0.7e-10. (This is suspect since the values should be above 0.)

What is going on? I'm clueless. I've tried adjusting some of the CPLEX variables relating to precision (i.e. CPX_PARAM_NUMERICALEMPHASIS, CPX_PARAM_EPOPT, CPX_PARAM_EPMRK, CPX_PARAM_EPRHS) but nothing has helped. The input data itself does not require too much precision--the smallest value in the inputs is 1.412 and the largest is 1520.984907.

I'd appreciate any advice or suggestions!


I've noticed that the infeasible problem is diverging from the feasible problem during MIP's Presolve.

Checking CPXgetprestat for both problems, one notable difference I can see between the two problems is in the pcstat vector one variable cannot be aggregated out in the infeasible set (i.e. the value is 0 in the infeasible problem vs. -4 in the feasible problem).

Also, CPXgetprestat's ocstat and orstat vectors have one non-zero value each in the infeasible problem (the feasible problem has none because it has been reduced to a null problem), but I am unsure what to do with these two values. If orstat[0] == 7 and ocstat[0] == 1, does that mean that something is notable in the 7th row and the 1st variable of the problem before Presolve? How would I check this?

I have compared the output of CPXwriteprob in both problems and nothing is different other than the input value that I changed by 0.0001 to make the problem infeasible.

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Does it provide any other information, when it says it is infeasible? – Noon Silk Jul 20 '12 at 6:17

Maybe try to set EpInt=0? so that an integer is really integral.

Copy from manual:


Any number from 0.0 to 0.5; default: 1e-05.

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Sounds plausible; more information here. – Anders Gustafsson Aug 3 '12 at 15:37
I just tried changing CPX_PARAM_EPINT but that didn't work. Thanks for the suggestion though! – mobeetsatwork Aug 6 '12 at 0:16
Better to post this question to the cplex support forum. – jc W Aug 6 '12 at 5:11

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