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i had set a uri like this by java script


and now i want to take this value5 and value6 into php. think

if value5 = 5 and value6=mg

then i want to take those values in to php variable as 5mg

i tried to do this

$sizevalue=preg_replace('\'&\'', '', $_GET['itemsize']);

but when i echo it it shows me only "5" how can i correct this? thank you.

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Why do you need this '&'? You put it to the string and then try to remove it. Why don't you just do location.href="biling.php?itemsize="+value5+value6;? –  Pavel Strakhov Jul 20 '12 at 5:53
> "biling.php?itemsize="+value5+"&"+value6; This is not a good usage or GET values.. billing.php?itemsize1=value&itemsize2=value2 This will populate $_GET['itemsize1'] and $_GET['itemsize2']. But in your URI, value6 does not populat a key in $_GET. –  Ayesh K Jul 20 '12 at 5:54
thanks it solved my problem. –  piumi Jul 20 '12 at 5:56

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This script will show you all get Parameters

foreach($_GET as $key => $value){
     echo "key:".$key ." Value:".$value;
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You want this script, maybe.

if( $_GET['value5'] == 5 and $_GET['value6']== 'mg' ){
 # do something...
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