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I'm new to android development (an iOS developer) and I am using a BaseExpandableListAdapter for my list view. I am adding 2 more groups to the list (amongst other things) and then calling notifyDataSetChanged and the 2 new groups appear, but show as empty. I have put log statements into some of the implemented adapter methods and I can see that sure enough, it is not asking about the length of the 2 groups I've added.

Here are some log messages illustrating whats happening...

there are 2 groups - getGroupCount()

there are 5 children in group 0 - getChildrenCount()

there are 1 children in group 1 - getChildrenCount()


there are 4 groups - getGroupCount()

there are 4 children in group 0 - getChildrenCount()

there are 6 children in group 1 - getChildrenCount(

...doesn't try to ask how many children are in groups 2 and 3?


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It would help if you post the code for your custom adapter. – Luksprog Jul 20 '12 at 7:36

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Turns out groups are added collapsed by default, and I just had to go through each group and ensure it was expanded. This was my code to do just that.

    public void expandAllGroups(MyActivity activity)
    ExpandableListView list = (ExpandableListView) activity.findViewById(;
    for (int i = 0; i < activity.adapter.getGroupCount(); i++)
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