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I am developing android application which contains the reading of epub books. In that i need to place two pages in book view. If those pages exceed the screen size user have to scroll and view the books and have to pinch zoom the book and user can pan the book for reading.

At first i tried to place two webview inside the Relativelayout. I can achive this by placing relativelayout inside the scrollview and horizontal scrollview to scroll in both horizontal and vertical.

But problem occur in the swipping of pages and pinchzoom is not working inside the scrollview. it remains in the first page itself. i dont know where i am going wrong. please help me its urgent. i have tried for past one week it doesnt work for me..

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Are you putting WebView inside ScrollView? It functions funny that way. You'll have to disable the outside ScrollView if you're doing so.

You can modify ScrollView to be lockable, as in here.

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thanks for your reply..i will try it.. –  deepa Nov 7 '12 at 12:56

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