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How to get PublicDnsName in amazonEC2? we can get it from instance using ins.getPublicDnsName() but it get created after a certain time,is there any alternative way to get it? Or some how get it as soon as it is generated? for making it wait i did

while(flag) {
              time = System.currentTimeMillis() - start;
              for (Reservation res : ec2.describeInstances().getReservations()) {
                 for (Instance ins : res.getInstances()) {
                     if(ins.getState().getName().equalsIgnoreCase("running") || time == MAX_TIME_FOR_THREAD){                        
                         flag = false;


but inside a run of thread but while I am creating multiple ec2 resources it is returning dns of first up machine multiple times where as i feel it should return different dns address.

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There is no reason to think a newly-created instance has an IP right when it is requested. Instance requests almost surely enter a queue, and Amazon only assigns IPs some (small) time after it begins servicing the request when it comes out. – phs Jul 20 '12 at 7:29

There is always a slight delay between the instance transitioning to the 'Running' state and the public IP address (and therefore the public DNS name) being allocated - and a longer one if you're also automatically allocating an Elastic IP. It can vary from a second or two up to 5-10 seconds on a busy cluster.

There's nothing you can do but introduce a short delay after detecting the 'Running' state before querying the API - although in your code you're not actually waiting long enough for the instance to get to 'Running' and just hitting MAX_TIME_FOR_THREAD, which is interestingly returning the last DNS name retrieved. This might actually be a small glitch in the API you're using.

In my launcher (written against the .NET API) I have a multithreaded staging loop which launches the instances, then a sleep wait for each to register as 'Running', and then a further sleep wait for the IP address to populate.

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I am getting ip correctly but for one.I am writing everything inside run of thread all object and everything is initialized inside run and i m initializing two thread to invoke but getting same ip after completion of running of two threads. it is returning the public dns of first machine in running state. – BiswajitP Jul 20 '12 at 11:02

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