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I have designed OLAP cube in Jaspersoft OLAP Designer. Now I have imported this Cube in iReport by making OLAP connection.

I am tested my result set using following MDX query

select  HealthCheckStatusD.Members ON AXIS(0),
{ChannelD.Members} ON AXIS(1), {HealthCheckDateD.Members } ON AXIS(2) from  CubeReport2 where Measures.[Patient]

Also modified version of above query:

select  HealthCheckStatusD.Members ON Columns,
CrossJoin(ChannelD.Members,HealthCheckDateD.Members) ON Rows from  CubeReport2

As far as I know both queries are logically same.

Logical cube structure is as follows:


Now I want to prepare report in iReport in the way I am getting result from MDX query.

How to do that with iReport? I tried using crosstabs in iReports but when I specify above MDX query I am not getting any way to specify measure in the crosstabs.

Is there any another approach in iReport of designing reports for OLAP views? kindly help

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Result from MDX and Report structure are two different thing. I am assuming that you want to construct a cross tab report from MDX results with some horizontal and vertical grouping (you can have chart based and flat table based report also),

  1. You need to load the field in the report. The way to do it is to select the query editor window and specify your query over there (next to zoom icons).

  2. For simplicity sake, place your cross tab in summary section of the page (cross tab in detail section need special handling- work around). It will than allow you to select the horizontal and vertical grouping.

  3. It then allows you to select the measure for the crosstab. You can also choose to show row wise and column wise totals.
  4. If you are using inbuild Mondrian Olap engine, than you should be able to see your report in preview pane.

Let me know how it goes.

Gaurav J

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As I mentioned above my MDX query : select HealthCheckStatusD.Members ON Columns, CrossJoin(ChannelD.Members,HealthCheckDateD.Members) ON Rows from CubeReport2 .. Here the implicit measure is count of Patient.. That works in OLAP Designer.. but how to specify measure in iReport?? – dhroove Jul 24 '12 at 7:06

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