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I am trying to create a database for child and parent. Tables looks like.

ChildTable : child-id(pk) | parent-id(fk) | name

ParentTable : parent-id(pk) | name

FOREIGN KEY ParentTable(parent-id) REFERENCES ChildTable(parent-id) ON DELETE CASCADE

Problem: a parent can have more than one children and parent table is dependent on child table. If a parent is having two children and we delete one children record from ChildTable it would delete the parent as well while parent record must exist for another child whose record is still in database.

Is there any other MySQL method/constraint that can fulfill the above requirement.

Thanks in advance.

Update: I would like to explain my problem in detail.

I want to apply following rules to the database:

  • A record in parent table must be always dependent of any one or two records in child table. (FK was added for the same.)
  • There is possibility that 2 children can point to same parentID
  • if we delete one child having parentID (say 'abc') then parent id must not be deleted if there exists another child having same parentID.
  • on deleting the second child with same parentID('abc') now it must be deleted as there is no child with parentID('abc').
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Your foreign key should be reversed:


You want the child table to reference a primary key in the parent table. Be careful though with the cascading delete: when you delete a parent row, you automatically delete all its child rows.

When you delete one child row, nothing happens to the parent row.

UPDATE: What you want can only be accomplished using a trigger. You need to create an AFTER DELETE trigger on ChildTable that checks whether a row from ParentTable can be removed.

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I tried your solution but phpMyAdmin gave error.. also I want parent table to be dependable on Child Table if we reverse the foreign key it would change the dependency while i want to delete the parent record only when there is no child left. – asachanfbd Jul 20 '12 at 11:18
i have updated my question with few more details. hope that would explain you my problem. I also searched MYSQL manual but didn't found anything similar. – asachanfbd Jul 20 '12 at 11:37

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