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What would be the best way to work with sessions CodeIgniter to do the following ?

I have users with a role and a company that are stored in a database.

I want identify user role and company without do :

if($roles == 'Editor'): 

// do something


In each controller or method.

Example :

If users is logged a function in header checks that and if not it redirects to the homepage.

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Have you considered using an authentication library? Tank Auth is a good solution and if you need roles you can try the Tank Auth with Roles library.

Also, if you want to check if a user is logged in you can add the code to the constructor of your controller.

function __construct() {
    // Check the user is logged in / roles / etc
    if( ! $roles == 'Editor' ) { redirect('welcome'); }

Just add this code inside the class and it will run for any page within that controller.

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I tend to keep my "is logged in" check in MY_Controller.php's constructor, and then have all other controllers extend it. No need to copy paste the "is logged in" code on every single controller's constructor. –  Mudshark Jul 20 '12 at 9:24

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