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I am using SMSlib to send a sms to a mobile number. But the below error comes up. I have even changed the Dongles but didn't work out.

org.smslib.TimeoutException: No response from device.
    at org.smslib.modem.AModemDriver$CharQueue.get(AModemDriver.java:535)
    at org.smslib.modem.AModemDriver.getResponse(AModemDriver.java:338)
    at org.smslib.modem.AModemDriver.getResponse(AModemDriver.java:313)
    at org.smslib.modem.athandler.ATHandler.getSimStatus(ATHandler.java:145)
    at org.smslib.modem.AModemDriver.connect(AModemDriver.java:132)
    at org.smslib.modem.ModemGateway.startGateway(ModemGateway.java:189)
    at org.smslib.Service$1Starter.run(Service.java:277)

Below is my code -

public static void sendMessage(String number, String message) {
        Service srv = Service.getInstance();
        try {
            srv.addGateway(new SerialModemGateway("modem.com1", "COM5", 9600,
                    "huawei", "E220"));
        } catch (GatewayException e1) {
        try {
            OutboundMessage msg = new OutboundMessage(number, message);
        } catch (Exception e) {

For the debug trace you can find it here

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The Port I was using was Wrong. We have to first scan across ports by using CommTest Utility provided by the SMSLib. And I used a different libraries to actually send the machine.

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