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I would like to display Indic, Arabic and Hebrew scripts in a QLabel, specifying the font type. When I try to pass a UTF-8 encoded string into a QLabel, the script is not rendered properly.

What is the correct way to display international (non-alphabetic) scripts in a QLabel?

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Setting the text of a QLabel to a unicode string (unicode in python2, str in python3) should work fine.

In python2 you can use QString.fromUtf8 to convert a utf8-encoded str to an unicode QString, or .decode('utf-8') to a python unicode.

In PyQt4 on python3 QString is gone as now str is already unicode, so just use that.

For instance:

    s = "اردو"
    d = s.decode('utf-8')
    label = QtGui.QLabel(d)
    font = QtGui.QFont("Sheherazade", 40)
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I added a working example, because I still had some trouble from your explanation alone. – Benjamin Jul 20 '12 at 10:14

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