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As you know, sometimes a UCM activity depends on another activity, and sometimes other activities are depended on that activity. I'm wondering how can I get this information easily? Assuming my input is an activity ID - how do I get these two outputs easily?

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The activity dependency is determined in the context of a deliver or rebase.

See "About activity dependencies in the deliver operation

deliver activity dependency

So maybe the easiest way to see what activities are involved is to do a deliver -preview.

But beside that, there is no easy way to list those dependencies because they involve:

  • version dependency (the same file has versions in both activities, making one depending on the other)
  • timelines (see for instance "ClearCase : Making new baseline with old baseline activities"): a baseline made by a deliver/rebase and which will link (that is the second form of dependencies) all the activities in a given stream together. Even if they don't have any file in common.
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REM output is space delimited list

view-context> cleartool lsact -fmt "%[contrib_acts]p" activityID@\pvob
act1 act2

If you make (mkbl) and compare (diffbl -act) baselines, you can obtain the same information as well as recursive delivery information.

From ClearCase GUIs (Project Explorer and ClearCase Explorer -> My Activities, you can also right click on an activity and select "Show Contributing Activities".

This answer only addresses one direction for activities. Using baselines with other %[xxx]p format specifiers for baselines should allow forward and reverse resolution.

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