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`I've installed the DateTime Field module to Orchard and assigned two fields to my custom part, but when navigating to the Admin Edit page for the custom type implimenting the custom part, I recieve an error like this:

A 'stylesheet' named 'jQueryUtils_TimePicker' could not be found.

When looking in the Contrib.DateTime.cshtml View, I find that the following two resources are required, but I can't find them in the jQuery module's resource manifest.

  1. Style: jQueryUtils_TimePicker
  2. Script: jQueryUtils_TimePicker

Where are these meant to be defined and stored?

Thanks in advance.

P.S. If I change both to jQueryUI_TimePicker (for which there is a script and style defined in the jquery module resource manifest), then it doesn't throws an error, but the time picker doesn't work.

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Contrib.DateTimeField is obsolete since 1.4 so you shouldn't use it.

The DateTimeField has been integrated in Orchard.Fields has a core feature.

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Thanks for the answer. Where do you find info on this? I can't find any documentation about it. –  hofnarwillie Jul 20 '12 at 16:23

It seems that the time picker used in the DateTime Field module is a different jQuery plugin than the default provided by the Orchard system, but it doesn't say what it is or where it can be downloaded from. Disappointing.

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