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My problem is that the generated .c file loads my headers inside <> instead of ""

The generated .c file has <my_header.h> instead of "my_header.h". my_header.h is in the directory where are the vala files.

I tried using --includedir=. but that did not help.

This happens only with valac-0.16.0 Valac 0.16.1 does not have this bug.

I have to use valac-0.16.0,so swicthing the compiler version is not an option.

I fixed this using this script :


files = Dir.glob("*.c")
files.each do |f| 
    file = File.open(f,"r")
    data = file.read()
    data = data.sub("<my_header.h>","\"my_header.h\"")
    file2 = File.open(f,"w+")

But this might fail when packaging it into a .deb file,so my question is still on.

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You can pass -X -I. to the Vala compiler, which will pass -I. directly to the C compiler.

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I am compiling vala to c file and then calling gcc.I fixed this by using sed (The ruby script also works but I ditched it for sed) –  user744186 Jul 20 '12 at 16:05
Then just pass -I. to gcc. –  nemequ Jul 20 '12 at 17:03

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