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I'm having a class (ExpandableListDataClass) which extends BaseExpandableListAdapter

I am calling to ExpandableListDataClass from an Activity like below;

ExpandableListDataClass expandableListDataClass = new ExpandableListDataClass(this, categories);

categories is a String array. That means groupCount of the ExpandableListDataClass is depend on the categories. The worst thing is, I am loading a GridView for expanding of a group item in ExpandableListView. Those GridView have different data to show according to the category.

If I use following code inside getChildView(), it is perfectly working

}else if(getGroup(groupPosition).toString().equals("ebrochures")){

But what I want to remove from that is eBooksImageAdapterForExpandableList and eBrochuresImageAdapterForExpandableList. Because now what I am doing is creating ArrayList according to the existing categories. But when I don't know how many categories/groupCount there are, I can't do that.

Please give me a solution

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Finally I was able to find a solution :-)

I will explain it in backwards.

In the getChildView() I have to give following line of code

expandableListInsideGridView.setAdapter(new ImageAdapterForExpandableList(expandableListDataClassContext, eItemThumbCachePathArrayListContainer.get(groupPosition), eItemNamesArrayListContainer.get(groupPosition), eItemUrlArrayListContainer.get(groupPosition)));

getChildView() is in the ExpandableListDataClass which extends the BaseExpandableListAdapter.

What I had to do is declare an ArrayList which contains some other ArraLists of same type. If I explain it more with my code eItemThumbCachePathArrayListContainer is an ArrayList which contains ArrayLists of type String that I want to pass. That is the simple logic I have used and it works for me.

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