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I wonder what prefix you guys use for methods that create or calculate a value based on given parameters. I tend to use "get", but that feels wrong, because it looks like a getter then. For methods that fetch from the database I use "fetch", but for methods that create a value based on the given input I haven't found a satisfying prefix yet. ("create" feels a bit too generic). Are there guidelines for this or is everyone just thinking up something for themselves?

Pseudo code example:

class myClass
    method getOrderFlowpoint(par1, par2, par3) {
        // do stuff based on the parameters
        return orderFlowpoint;
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I tend to not use prefixes. I tend to name the method according to the exact function it fulfills.

If your function calculates the order flowpoint, that's exactly how you should name it. calculateOrderFlowpoint.

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Not the answers I was hoping for, but this comes closest to an answer to my question. – winkbrace Jul 20 '12 at 12:01

If your class is only about OrderFlowPoints, I have seen the following, all linked to the Factory Pattern:

OrderFlowPoint.of(par1, par2, par3);
OrderFlowPoint.valueOf(par1, par2, par3);
OrderFlowPoint.newInstance(par1, par2, par3);
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nice suggestions. I will definetely take it into consideration! – winkbrace Jul 20 '12 at 12:00

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