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I need to implement InApp Purchase in my monotouch app, but I cannot find any project sample on the Xamarin website ( ) or in the monotouch samples collection on GitHub ( ).

Any help is appeciated, Thanks.

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I'm working on a MonoTouch In-App Purchase sample, you can check out the code here:

The sample contains two projects, one that demonstrates Consumable purchases and one that demonstrates NonConsumable purchases.

NOTE: the example does not yet demonstrate RECEIPT VERIFICATION, so you'll have to add this in yourself (why? see hack, fix). Check out @redth's server-side code to help build your own receipt verification logic with ASP.NET:

You might also consider this services like UrbanAirship or Beeblex (although I have not tried them, so can't) for receipt verification.

FYI my sample code is based in-part on @jtclancey's AppStore code here:

Finally, there's a bit of set-up required for In-App Purchases (registering your bank details with Apple, setting up the products in the iOS Developer Portal, Provisioning your app correctly). These steps are the same for MonoTouch and Objective-C, so this Apple setup doco might help. You should also read Apple's In-App Purchase programming docs, for familiarity.

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Thank you CraigD, that is a great help! I'm looking forward to the receipt verification code if you plan to add it to the sample. – Emanuele Sabetta Jul 22 '12 at 9:34
Yes, some guidance on receipt verification is to come. Especially with the recent hacking revelations! – Conceptdev Jul 25 '12 at 1:17

Don't know what do you mean by "monotouch" but I implemented In-App purchased in my iPad project using this tutorial. This is the best out there. Just go through it, download sample and you'll get what you need for a simple yet awesome In-App feature in your project.

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I mean sample projects that use the MonoTouch framework ( ), that allows iOS apps to be written in C#. The example you linked is not written in C# but in Objective-C. I need a C# example project showing how to make In App Purchases. – Emanuele Sabetta Jul 20 '12 at 13:15

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