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Is there any way to acess a superclass member hidden by a subclass member using object of subclass in another class.

public class A {
    int i, j;

    A() {
        i = 5;
        j = 5;

public class B extends A {
    int i;

    B() {
        i = 10;

class TestEx {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        B obj = new B();
        // i from B

i need to acess i from A in testEx using obj.. same doubt is present in the case of non-static inner class.. anyway to acess variable of OuterClass in InnerClass with same name that of one in InnerClass

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As simple as ((A)this).i from within the class B's instance methods or, even simpler,

A obj = new B(); 

Why? Because nothing except instance methods is subject to dynamic binding and overriding. The class B has all the instance variables of its ancestors.

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Well i could use super from within class B right..? i need to do it in TextEx. I know assigning subclass reference to superclass variable. I believe i from superclass will be present in obj. I need to get that –  flyinrhyno Jul 20 '12 at 9:40
public static void main(String[] args){
                  B obj=new B();
                //i from B
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  1. Expose your classes get methods via polymorphism to get the value of A's i from the instance invoked by B object. This is what you topic title is implying.
  2. provide public get/set methods in both classes, then sit still relax and call it up.
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