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I have the following class:

class A {
  Map<String, String> mapping;

  public A() {...}

  private Map<String, String> getMapping() {...};
  private void setMapping(Map<String, String> mapping) { ... };

I need to be able to serialize/deserialize this class in XML with the following representation:

  <entry key="foo" value="bar"/>
  <entry key="xbaz" value="xklux"/>

We use jaxb-intros to configure JAXB for these classes, and I have the following configuration:

<Class name="A">
  <XmlRootElement name="a"/>
    <Method name="getMapping">
      <XmlElement name="mapping"/>
      <XmlJavaTypeAdapter value="MappingAdapter"/>

Which works but produces:

        <entry key="test" value="a"/>
        <entry key="mdx.foo" value="bar"/>

My question is: how do I get rid of this awful mapping element?

I tried removing the XmlElement element in my JAXB configuration but then I end up with


JAXB is not even calling the adapter code.

My second attemps is with another adapter, AAdapter (supposed to handle directly the A object), that I suppose would be configurable this way:

<Class name="A">
  <XmlRootElement name="a"/>
    <XmlJavaTypeAdapter value="AAdapter"/>

But then its marshal() method is not called, and I have no error message from JAXB (which might be due to our JAXB configuration which is another story). And I get the following output:


The AAdapter should directly produce the entry elements if it was called.

I saw multiple related posts on how to remove intermediate markup for sub attributes but they seem to be different to my problem since here I want to remove the element for a direct attribute.

So how can I call an adapter for an attribute without putting its result in an element? Or how do I call an adapter directly on the class to serialize?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

Edit: based on this JAXB ticket this seem impossible by design, but if anyone has a workaround it would be great.

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