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I have to add a "Search Box" with a DropDown Button for searching the books.

This dropdown button should have an arrow pointing downwards and the search textbox next to it. so, wen i click on dropdown button, i should get few options (like team, personal, e........) If i select Team then the text "Search in Team" should be displayed in the textbox. A small magnifier for the searchbox will be available too.

I am using C#, XAML..its WPF app

Please help me.



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Infragistics and DevExpress have a DropDownButton control but you will have to purchase it.

I also found this How to make a Drop Down Button in WPF

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In WPF every control has templates and styles. You can look at the template for the standard WPF Dropdown and create your own template and style that will satisfy your requirements.

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