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The default behaviour for the resource key look seems to be to prefix the field name with the constraint. I would like to post fix it instead.

public class MyForm {
    private String name;

In my messages.properties:

myForm.name=The label
NotEmpty.myForm.name=Please enter your name

I would like to use:

myForm.name=The label
myForm.name.NotEmpty=Please enter your name

This obviously purely cosmetic, but my OCD can't handle the look of my resource file.

I'm using spring 3.1.2 with hibernate validator 4.3.0.Final. The application it's self is using the @Configuration, @EnableWebMvc and WebMvcConfigurerAdapter style configuration, but I should be able to translate any xml based solution.

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A simple idea is to extend DefaultMessageCodesResolver and override the method postProcessMessageCode() which originally is:

protected String postProcessMessageCode(String code) {
    return getPrefix() + code;

and change it the way you desire. I believe Spring will pickup your bean of type MessageCodesResolver as the default behavior when bootstrapping. Hope this helps.

In Spring 3.1+, now you can configure a message codes resolver through <mvc:annotation-driven />. It seems that support for the Java API will come in 3.2.

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You've given me just enough there... the actual solution requires reimplementing DefaultMessageCodesResolver, I've created a gist gist.github.com/3150779 with my working solution. –  Gareth Davis Jul 20 '12 at 13:47

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