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I have a javascript function. On-click will call this. Using document.getElementById I am getting certain parameters there. Using that parameters I need to build a url. ie, onclick will have to execute that url.

For example, in javascript,

function remove()
var name=...;
var age = ...;
// url should be like http://something.jsp?name=name&age=age

In short I need to execute http://something.jsp?name=name&age=age this url on click

<input type="button" name="button" onclick="remove();" />
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Use window.location:

function remove()
    var name = ...;
    var age  = ...;

    window.location = 'http://something.jsp?name=' + name + '&age=' + age;
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I use:

document.location.href = "report.html";

So, in your case:

function remove() {
    var name=... ,
        age = ...;

    document.location.href = "something.jsp?name=" + name + "&age=" + age;
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just call


in your function

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