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im using Code First Entity Model with Web API Asp.Net
i need 3 tables in total
The First table(Table1) contains some information with a unique Id lets say it is like

string id 
string model

The second Table (Table2)contains some information about the user. lets say it is

string Id
string name
string company

now i need a third table. which would only work as a joining table and would contain

Table1 ModelInfo
Table2 UserInfo

but it is showing me an error that table cannot be created with out a unique id. but as my architecture is i dont need a unique id
what should i do? or do i need to change my architecture?

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why this anonymous downvote? –  Parv Sharma Jul 20 '12 at 13:37
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Your question is general EF CodeFirst Many-to-Many relationship. Suggested readings:

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Use a composite primary/unique in the join table. In Visual Studio, highlight both columns, while editing the table schema, and select "Yes" for Primary.

Here is a link to using a composite primary key. A good solution is provided by Daniel Skinner.

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i dont get it.. are you sure it would also work for code first senarious –  Parv Sharma Jul 20 '12 at 11:44
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