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From activity 1, I open activity 2. Now when I am in the screen of activivty 2, I receive an event of activity 1 and onrecieve of that event i want to display a dialog. How can I do that?? While I am in activity 2 I dont see the dialog, but when I get back to activity 1, i see the dialog.

I want to see the dialog even when i am in screen of activity 2. I looked into this link as well, but wasnt much helpful Showing dialog on top of another running activity (Android)? on receiving the reqd event, i call this method.

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First create separate dialog in Activity 2 and do below mentioned

1) Try to send broadcast when data related to activity 1 is received. 2)create a Receiver class which will listen the broadcast 3) now you have to use of Observer Design pattern i.e. when ever there is some event in Receiver class it will inform Activity B that data is arrived and show the appropriate dialog.

Please share the result if it not succeeded.

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in your first activity (splashScreen ) write this function to create alert box

public static void MyAlertBox(String title, String mymessage,  Context context)
new AlertDialog.Builder(context)
   .setPositiveButton("OK", new DialogInterface.OnClickListener() {
        public void onClick(DialogInterface dialog, int which) {

Declare global veriable :

public static Activity currentActivity= null;

in Every activity : onResume() write "currentActivity=this ;"

Where you want to display alert just write :(activity 1)

            "Alert box from activity 1",currentActivity );

hope it will work for you !!

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