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I do not fully understand indexes and would like some precisions.

I have a table, named posts, which overtime might become very big. Each post belongs to a category and a language, through 2 columns category_id and lang

If I create indexes on the columns category_id and lang, does this mean that the posts table will be "organized"/"classified" in mysql by "blocs" of category_id and lang, allowing a better performance of the selection of data when I precise a category_id and/or a lang in my query...?

Which type of index should be created then ?

I hope I'm clear enough here...

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What an index does is create a "shadow" table, consisting of only the index values, so it only has to look through the index to find what you're looking for.

If you're doing a query, with a where like this:

WHERE zipcode = 555 AND phone = 12345678

You will need an index on Zipcode and Phone.

If the query is only:

WHERE zipcode = 555

You will need to index zipcode only.

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