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After uploading a file, before I save it on the disk, I'm doing some validation.

If something fails, I want to show my custom error message to the user. I've found something sililar here Uploadify: show error message from HTTP response

How to do this in MVC 3 ?

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Taken straight from ab mvc3 app that I'm working on right now:

<script type="text/javascript">
    function initupLoadify() {
            uploader: '@Url.Content("~/scripts/swf/uploadify.swf")',
            script: '@Url.Action("Upload", "Home")',
            cancelImg: '@Url.Content("~/Content/cancel.png")',
            auto: true,
            sizeLimit: 5500000,
            fileDataName: 'fileData',
            //scriptData: { 'propertyId': $("#PropertyID").val() },
            buttonText: 'Add Schedule',
            wmode: 'transparent',
            //buttonImg: '@Url.Content("~/Content/button.png")', // make nice gradient image for button
            onComplete: function (event, queueId, fileObj, response) {
                // do something
                setTimeout(2000, window.location = '@Url.Action("Index")' + '?id=' + response);
                return true;
            onCancel: function (evt, queueId, fileObj, data) {
                $("#msg").html("<br />Operation cancelled");
                return true;
            onOpen: function (evt, queueId, fileObj) {
                $("#msg").html("<br />Upload in progress");
                return true;
            onError: function (event, queueId, fileObj, errorObj) {
                $("#msg").html(fileObj.name + " was not uploaded ");
                if (errorObj.status == 404)
                    $("#msg").html("Could not find upload script. Use a path relative to: " + "<?= getcwd() ?>");
                else if (errorObj.type === "HTTP")
                    $("#msg").html("error " + errorObj.type + ": " + errorObj.status);
                else if (errorObj.type === "File Size")
                    $("#msg").html(fileObj.name + " " + errorObj.type + " Limit: " + errorObj.info / 1000 + " KB");
                    $("#msg").html("error " + errorObj.type + ": " + errorObj.text);

hope this helps

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I've seen the similar codes, but it only shows the data of the file. But what if I want to show the message what exactly 'happened on the server' ? –  Tony Jul 20 '12 at 11:03
also, the errorObj.text returns undefined –  Tony Jul 20 '12 at 11:05
tony - i see what your saying (re controller/service layer code, tho wasn't aware of this from the question). i've not had occassion to deal with that, but you've got my 'research' head on now, so will have a dig –  jim tollan Jul 20 '12 at 11:07
I think it's time to change that plugin to something else –  Tony Jul 20 '12 at 13:51
I'm using uploadify 3.1.1 and do not have an onComplete method available to me. The onUploadComplete method does not pass the same parameters as you have outlined here. Did you get this working on this version of uploadify? –  Webnet Nov 9 '12 at 16:36

Here is an MVC 3 example.

If you're using versions 3.0+ use onUploadComplete instead of onComplete (realize their parameters differ).

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