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I have a question about Jquery fadein. I am trying to use it on a div, but it does not work, even not when hiding it first.

I am using this code which fills the DIV when loading the page:

$('#pagebody').html('<p><img src="/common/images/loader.gif" width="24" height="24" /></p>');

First it loads a little preloader image, then it loads the contents of the div, which i want to fade in. Why doesn't this work?

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That code will fadein #pagebody. is #pagebody a DIV? And what is the purpose of hide() ? Do you want to load the contents of useradmin.php and then hide it - then fade it in? – Andreas Nilsson Jul 20 '12 at 11:02
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$.load() is asynchronous - in this case it means that .hide().fadeIn() will be executed before the load is complete. Put the fadeIn to a callback function that will execute after the content has loaded:

$('#pagebody').load("useradmin.php", function() {
    $( this ).hide().fadeIn('slow');

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Thanks, that did the trick – Mbrouwer88 Jul 20 '12 at 11:37

You should write something like this.

 $('#pagebody').html('<p><img src="/common/images/loader.gif" width="24" height="24" /></p>').load("useradmin.php", function(){

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$('#pagebody').load('useradmin.php', function() {

That should work...

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Not sure I get the question, but I'm guessing it would be a good idea to wait until the content is loaded before doing any fading ?

   .html('<p><img src="/common/images/loader.gif" width="24" height="24" /></p>')
   .load("useradmin.php", function() {

On another note, load() will replace the content that was added with html(), so the <p> and <img> element you add with html() is overwritten by the content in useradmin.php, but since it's a preloader, I'm guessing that is the intended effect ?

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