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I have a silverlight application with custom form authentication. How i can logout application when the browser window is closed?

I tried something like this:

 public App()
        Startup += ApplicationStartup;
        Exit += Application_Exit;

        UnhandledException += ApplicationUnhandledException;
        var webContext = new WebContext {Authentication = new FormsAuthentication()};

    private void ApplicationStartup(object sender, StartupEventArgs e)
        Resources.Add("WebContext", WebContext.Current);
        RootVisual = new MainPage();

    private void Application_Exit(object sender, EventArgs e)

but this didn't work. Ewery time I close the browser, I receive the exception An AsyncCallback threw an exception without any details.

How can I handle this problem?

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you could call an ajax call on the page with onbeforeunload, forget the idea to call logoff with silverlight whilst it is closing.

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