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I found this gist to detect changes on specified fiels of a object :

But it bind an event only on one field.

Someone know a function or a tricks to detect change on an entire Javascript Object ?

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I like to use Watch.js. Is that gist in your question taken from Watch.js? – Adi Jul 20 '12 at 11:32
Aouch, thanks a lot for this amazing gist ! Please post the answer and I will accept it. Thanks ! – tknew Jul 20 '12 at 11:43
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When I want to achieve this I usually use Watch.js, you can watch a whole object or one attribute.

Update: I've just noticed that the author of Watch.js is referencing a library with much broader browsers' support. MultiGetSet.JS

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This is currently not possible, you can only define getters/setters for individual properties.

Yet, there is a draft for Proxy objects which could do that. Today, it is only supported in Firefox' Javascript 1.8.5.

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This is not possible using watch.js. it just detect the changes of an object or the attributes of the object. It DOESNT detect if we add an attribute to the object or change a new added attribute...

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