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In SQL can a single column in a table reference multiple tables?

E.g. if we have tables employee (PK emp_id, name) and customer (PK cust_id, name)

Can we have a table contact (id references [employee, customer], number);

Or do we necessarily need to make 2 tables:

contact_cust (cust_id references customer, number) and contact_emp (emp_id references employee, number)

I know that the second choice would be better even if the first one were possible. I just want to know is the first way possible?

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In SQL can a single column in a table reference multiple tables - no this is not possible. A foreign key always references one target table (and one table only). –  marc_s Jul 20 '12 at 11:58

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No you can't. One option is to first generalise Employee/Customer as "Party" or "Stakeholder".

TABLE: Party(PK Party_Id,
TABLE: Employeee(PK Emp_Id REFERENCES Party.Party_Id, 
TABLE: Customer(PK Cust_Id REFERENCES Party.Party_Id,

Then Contact would reference Party.

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I wonder why SQL do not allow to have single reference to multiple tables. I'm not a SQL guru, but as far I know reference is simply integer. Let's say I would like to have reference to two different tables. In order to avoid ID conflicts first could have only ids from 1 to 2^31 and second from 2^31+1 to 2^32. No conflicts and you can say from ID which table to fetch. –  vericule Jun 19 '13 at 7:58
Love this solution compared to others that I've seen elsewhere. Requires a bit of overhead but it's so much cleaner than doing complex comparisons. –  Chris Oct 3 '13 at 4:52

No, you cannot have a single column with a foreign key that references two different tables.

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