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Unity player on my page hangs sometimes. Is it possible to detect it from unityscript (polling method is acceptable) and react to that- for example reload page?

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a colleague ran into this issue, I believe that after an extend research with no good results he came up with this solution:

  • In the web page declare a global variable stillAlive for example.
  • Use setInterval to check for that variable every n second, something like this:

    if (stillAlive){ stillAlive = false; }else{ //do things }

  • Make an Application.ExternalEval call in your application every n/2 seconds, something like this

    Application.ExternalEval ("stillAlive=true;");

I don't know the exact details, but he did something to sync those. I'm sure you can figure something out along this idea.

Note: For some reason I couldn't format the code in this answer, so if someone can fix it, please do.

Update: I've just asked him, he said he "synced" them by initiating the setInterval() with Application.ExternalEval().

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I'll try this - thanks :) – Łukasz Bownik Aug 1 '12 at 8:46

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